parents in the ham!

last week my parents came for a long overdue visit. it’s been almost 4 years since my dad has been here and probably 2 years since my mom has been here, so it was about time!! we were all excited to spend the week together and our time together did not disappoint!

here’s what went down:


dinner at taco mama with casey’s parents – we enjoyed some delicious food while we visited and caught up. it was lovely.


my mom and i got mani/pedis and went grocery shopping.

sadly (for them), casey and my dad got roped into going. my dad had a blast!

after we stocked the kitchen for the week, we headed to church. it was a good service and my dad even sang a little, which is kind of a big deal.


we stopped by the mezzell’s house to visit for a bit. cobra kept us all entertained, naturally. after a while we were ready for some food, but with it being labor day, our options were limited. we settled on urban cookhouse, which is one of my favorite places so i was happy. i just hope everyone else was! after dinner, we went for a walk by the river just down the road from our house. due to all the rain we’ve been getting, the river was super full!


i wanted to do some sort of day trip while my parents were here. chattanooga seemed like a no-brainer, so we made it happen! we arrived around lunch time and went straight to our favorite deli on earth, river street deli. it didn’t disappoint.

after lunch we walked down frazier avenue to browse some shops. how cute is this picture i took??


with our bellies full, we headed to rock city. what an awesome place!! it was beautiful! let me show you…

once we were done walking around rock city, we headed underground to ruby falls. the cave tour was a typical cave tour…once you’ve been on one, you’ve basically been on them all.  this cave, however, had something special. a waterfall. a 145 foot tall waterfall 1120 feet underground. whoa.

what’s even crazier is, no one knows where the source of the water is.


the day was perfect for a motorcycle ride, so that’s what we did! my parents borrowed a motorcycle from our brother-in-law, jon and we spent a few hours ridging around. we rode lots of winding roads up to the top of a mountain, spent some time admiring the view at the top, and then made our way back down. we all thoroughly enjoyed it. my mom tried to take pictures, but her camera was on video the whole time. hahaha.

that evening, we got some BBQ and hit up avondale and good people. we enjoyed our BBQ at avondale and played giant jenga and corn hole at good people. we also went to the rainbow tunnel. it was lots of fun!


we just took it easy this day and did some shopping. every time my mom and i are together we go to costco. it’s mandatory. i don’t have a membership, but she does, so i take full advantage when i can. 🙂 we also walked around the galleria, but didn’t buy anything. we spent the rest of the day just hanging out. we ate dinner together at the table, watched a movie, and ate some ice cream. it was a nice last night.


my parents left around 10:00. they decided to take a different route home and spend a night in new orleans. they’d never been and wanted to see what it was all about. i don’t think they were too taken with what they saw. haha.

anyway, i enjoyed my parents visit quite a lot and i know they did too. win win!



  1. caseypatton · September 18, 2013

    it was a super fun week!

  2. Debra · September 18, 2013

    We had a blast!! Thanks for the memories!! Love you both!!

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