ropes and stuff.

So this place finally opened up and casey and i decided to make the 0.8 mile trek from our house to check it out. the only real con of the experience was the softball team that was there. tons of girls around 13 years old being dumb, running around, taking forever, crying, etc. gross.

we wanted to avoid getting stuck behind all these girls on the course, so we decided to play putt putt first. it was fun, but the holes were nothing special. first of all, getting to each hole was really confusing because they weren’t laid out in a way that made any sense. also, most of the holes were pretty basic and the “greens” were cheap. but like i said, it was fun because it’s putt putt and putt putt is fun. logic. casey and i were neck and neck the whole game. half way through i said something like, “maybe we’ll tie. for love.” well guess what? WE TIED FOR LOVE!

next on the agenda: ropes courses and zip-line. the line for the high ropes course was taking forever so after about 30 minutes of waiting, we decided to do the low ropes course first. the low course was fun and not very challenging (because it’s mostly for kids). it was a good warm up for the high course…

low course. not bad.

still having fun on the low course.

the high course was deceivingly difficult. by looks alone the obstacles didn’t seem that much different than those of the low course. WRONG. most of them were really tricky. so tricky that, for me, it basically went from being fun to being serious business. i had to balance like i’ve never balanced before!

the exact moment it became serious business.

after we triumphantly finished the course, we got to zip-line back to the start.


in retrospect, i enjoyed the course; much like one would enjoy completing a new york times crossword puzzle. it was a brainteaser for my body, if you will.

casey didn’t have as difficult a time as i did, but i think it just seemed that way because he was still having fun while i was getting down to serious business. whatever.

anyway, i think everyone should try it once because why not?


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  1. caseypatton · November 22, 2013


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