if you haven’t seen kanye’s newest music video, there’s no need now that this exists.

prepare to be hilariously uncomfortable for 4 minutes straight.

i know i said there’s no need, but if you’d like to watch kanye’s for proof that james and seth really copied his video EXACTLY (because they did), be my guest. also, i think the fact that kanye’s video is an actual music video made in all seriousness, makes it 1000 times more uncomfortable. click here if you must.



  1. caseypatton · November 25, 2013

    p.s. the TERRIBLE song certainly doesn’t help anything.

    jerome’s in the house, watch yer mouth!

  2. amymezzell · December 6, 2013

    I just now got around to watching either of these. That is the WORST video in the whole world, and that song is redonks. JESUS WEPT.

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