thanksgiving recap!

better late than never!

this year’s thanksgiving festivities were excellent! casey and i spent the holiday with his family in athens, ga. we had 13 people under one roof and everyone got along fabulously, a thanksgiving miracle!

not uncommonly, we had two thanksgiving meals in one day. first, we had thanksgiving lunch at casey’s grandma’s house. it was nice to visit and catch up with people we hadn’t seen in quite some time.

once back at casey’s aunt’s and uncle’s house, we relaxed while we waited for our thanksgiving dinner to finish cooking and, of course, took family photos. behold…

our gracious hosts: rodney, catherine, carter, ellen, margaret, & lucy

the boys: casey, bill, jon the girls: me, rita, abby – look at all that beautiful red hair!

all the nieces and nephews with uncle john and aunt ellen!

the whole group!

after pictures we went inside to kill time until the food was ready. this is what some of us did…

abby braided casey’s hair!

then she braided my hair!

casey loved it.

when all the food was finally ready, everyone was nice and hungry! the food was delectable!! everything single thing was scrumptious. we ate and ate and then ate desserts, which were all equally scrumptious. after dinner we gathered in the movie room to watch how to train your dragon, which ended up being pretty good!

the next morning, i went for a run then joined everyone for breakfast. once everyone was dressed and ready, we headed to downtown athens to shop around a bit. i got a long sweater/cardigan/hoodie thing, which sadly ended up itching like crazy, but the jerks wouldn’t take it back. i also got a purse and some coasters that i LOVE!

*side note – i’ve been wanting some sliced agate to use as coasters, but didn’t want to pay what they are priced these days (click here), so i was super excited to find a set of 6 “vintage” sliced agate coasters for only $10!*


thanksgiving dinner round 2 might have been even better than round 1 and breakfast the next day was superb! so basically, to sum things up, we all ate the best food ever all weekend with people we love.

one last thing i want to mention is, after years of longing, i finally got to experience trader joe’s!! it was a small store because it’s in a small town, but it was enough to satisfy me. i loved it and bought several items. it would be marvelous to have a trader joe’s in birmingham!

i hope everyone reading (and not reading) had a great thanksgiving, too!

peace out, y’all.

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