Christmas in Austin – part 1

after a longer than usual drive due to CRAZY heavy rain and some traffic,  we arrived in Austin on Saturday evening.  my parents had steak and salad waiting for us! mmmm. we went to bed pretty early for obvious reasons. Trevor and Anna got in from Lubbock some time  after that. 

Sunday morning we ate breakfast and by breakfast I mean tons of jalapeno bacon.  so good.  later on my mom and I went out and about while everyone else did who knows what.  at some point in the day, me, my dad, Trevor, and Anna performed feats of strength in my parents “home gym. ” my feat was doing two full ROM dips! haha.

family Christmas started at 5 down the street at my aunt Linda’s house. as usual, it was nice to see all my extended family. we mingled and enjoyed some great food before moving into the living room for present opening time. we watched the kids open their presets and then played dirty Santa with the adults…as usual it was fun and we walked away with some pretty sweet gifts! my favorite part of the night was after presents when a few of us sat around talking and reminiscing. good times!!









One comment

  1. Rita · December 25, 2013

    Good times! Glad you are having fun!! MERRY MERRY!!

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