christmas not in austin: part 3

casey and i arrived back to birmingham around 8pm saturday night. we were exhausted so we sat around and did pretty much nothing (which is what we do almost every night, but at least it feels justified after traveling 12+ hours).

we took advantage of sleeping in on sunday morning. it was quite glorious. the only thing we did that day was go to church.

monday morning we woke up and headed to bill and rita’s house. we arrived around lunch time and visited for a bit before heading to the bustling metropolis of downtown rogersville. we shopped around for a bit in the shops that were actually open. this was the most interesting thing i found, which actually IS quite interesting.

after we had all the excitement we could handle, we made the trek to florence to catch a movie: the secret life of walter mitty. i don’t know about everyone else, but i really enjoyed it. i thought it was delightful and inspiring. if you haven’t seen it yet, i would add it to your to-do list. after the movie we enjoyed dinner at an asian restaurant. mmm. also, it snowed!

the next day, after breakfast, a little more shopping (shout out to my MIL for a cute new top), and lunch, casey and i headed home. we got home around 5pm. our time in rogersville was, as it always is, enjoyable, but i was glad to be home after being away for 11 days (minus sunday). i immediately put my PJs on and did nothing the rest of the night. it was magnificent.


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  1. caseypatton · January 13, 2014


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