10 year anniversary of the best day ever!

ten years ago today, i went camping with some dear friends and a stranger named casey. i’d seen him around church and heard lots about him through mutual friends and always thought he seemed like a cool guy, so i was excited to meet him. plus, i liked the way he looked.

on our way to the campsite, the group stopped for lunch at freebirds. i sat diagonally across from casey and scoped him out. i liked his long hair and his beard and his jewelry made from torn bandannas (hahaha). once back in the car with brittnee, i was all, “casey seems cool. he’s cute, right? i think he’s cute. he’s funny.”

once we got to the site and set up camp, we all hung out and did stuff people do on camping trips. i don’t remember all the details, but i do remember casey making everyone laugh a lot. he also noticed i was cold and gave me his sweatshirt. awwwww.

casey had to leave early, which was a bummer, but when i got back to campus the next evening, i had an AIM message from casey telling me to let him know when i was back because he wanted to hang out with me.

we’ve been hanging out ever since.



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  1. caseypatton · April 8, 2014


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