last saturday i joined the mezzell family at the zoo. this was cora’s first time and i’m not sure what she thought about it. she didn’t want to spend too much time looking at any one animal. she was ready to move on after about 5 seconds. she also wanted to make sure all the animals were well fed and comfortable. she kept asking about their food and where their beds were. aww.

my favorite part was the elephants. i was really happy to see that their new habitat is really big with two large ponds. as far as zoo habitats go, this one has plenty of room for the four elephants in it. seeing the elephants made me even more excited to hang out with some in thailand later this year!!

anyway, this is the only picture i took worth sharing:

there was a sign on the glass that said, “please excuse my mess. i wouldn’t let my keepers clean my exhibit today!” feisty!!

after the zoo, cora invited me to eat dinner with her. i couldn’t say no to such a sweet invitation! i asked her if casey could come and lucky for him she said yes. we got to taco mama just in time to snag one of the two picnic tables outside! after dinner we played around for a while. here are some pictures.



cora’s selfie!

good times, with good friends!!

i’ll leave with this oldie but goodie:


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