a word of warning. this post is long with no pictures. SORRY!

this weekend was excellent!

saturday started with a good cup of coffee followed by a run with kat and rollins. it was a little chilly out, but once we got going it felt great! after the run, i decided to take bella to the farmers’ market with me. it was interesting. she did fine. i wish i could explain to her that pulling will not get her where she wants to go any faster and she’s probably hurting herself trying. she ignored everyone that pet her because she was only interested in one thing: smelling all the smells. she also pooped in the middle of a nice graveled sitting area. i stood there for a second worried that when i walked away to find a bag, people would think i was leaving it there. then i decided i didn’t care and went to find a bag. exciting stuff!

when i got home, i took ellie for a walk so she could have her own special time. without bella around to peer pressure her, she hardly pulled at all. the only time she really pulled was when she wanted to inspect a dead opossum. gross. on our walk, we were joined by max, a dog who was an obvious escapee. i made him follow us home and stuck him in our backyard while i called the number on his tag. his dad lived down the street and had just noticed his roommate left their fence open when i called. he came and got max and all was well.

while i was out running around, casey worked really hard all morning doing yard work and cleaning out gutters. once he was done with that we sat down to relax and watch game of thrones. five hours later, yes five, casey went to band practice and i met some friends for dinner. we went to mexico lindo and i ate a crab quesadilla that tasted way better than i thought it would. the dinner conversation was, how should i put it…irrelevant. the small talk and catching up was nice, but after that everyone talked about kids and daycare drama. halley and i were the only ones without kids, so we just sat there and listen. oh well!
after dinner some of us went to get frozen yogurt. i was too full to get any, but i did partake in sampling. the sea salted caramel pretzel flavor was super delicious and so was the rice krispie treat flavor. next time, it’s on.

on my way home, i stopped by publix to grab a cake for church the next day. while i was browsing my options, i felt something tickling my chest. i figured it was a loose hair, but no, it was a bug. first in my shirt and then in my bra. needless to say, for a few seconds, i looked like a major weirdo. anyway, on my way out of the grocery store, i looked down at the cake and noticed it didn’t say “good luck” like i wanted. it said “good luckily.” what?! that doesn’t even make sense. whatever.

on sunday, i met ashley and jack at the magic city art connection. we wandered around for a bit looking at art. my least favorite thing about these types of festivals is that i’m quickly reminded that i’m not creative and i have no talents. such is life. jack was pretty bored the whole time, so we finally took him to the kids’ craft area and he made a little diorama thing. once done, we headed to church street coffee for some beverages and snacks. it was really nice to sit and talk with ashley while jack read books in the reading nook. jack eventually wandered back over to us and told me he was a doctor. long story short i got 100 shots in my elbow. i told him i was suing for malpractice.

church that evening was good. after the service, we said a bittersweet goodbye to john and mary katherine. they’ll be missed by many, but will have so much fun in their new city! FYI, the “good luckily” cake was a hit. hehe.

on our way home, casey and i picked up some sushi, which was enjoyed while lounging on the couches and watching more game of thrones. perfection.

has anyone ever wondered why, if they are soooo good at smelling,
dogs have such a hard time locating food that is sometimes
literally two inches from their nostrils?
a bunch of crazy coots, i tell ya!




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