beach, wine, and rock & roll!

as most of you probably know, i participated in a mother/daughter beach trip over memorial day weekend. i don’t know about the rest of the mothers/daughters, but i had a lot of fun!

the first night we had dinner at the hangout and, as usual, it was a happening place! so happening that we had a hard time hearing each other talk, so we mostly just listened to the live band and watched people. we conducted our own ethnography on two groups of ladies. more specifically, two bachelorette parties. one group appeared to be having a great time. the other, not so much. we concluded that this was due to their choice of clothing. basically it’s hard to have fun at the beach when you’re dressed for the club. we also watched a large man booty dance on a table. it was a sight to see. the rest of the night was spent chillin’.

most of our time was appropriately spent on the beach, in the ocean, hanging in the condo, and eating.


we did venture out to go on a dolphin cruise, which turned out to be worth the hour we spent melting in the sun while the boat captain looked for dolphins. it was really cool to see the dolphins “jumping for fun,” as chelsea put it.

that night we had dinner at the best restaurant, the gulf. i ordered something totally out of character for me: a burger and fries. i ate every bite and it was so, so good. we also went to flora-bama to try their famous bushwackers. we thought they were just okay.


in conclusion, my time at the beach with my mom, rita, abby, linda, and chelsea was fabulous!

my mom came back with me to birmingham and we continued the good times. we went to a beautiful place called hidden meadows vineyard & winery. we had a tour of the grounds and learned about the wine making process, which is way more tedious than we imagined. the tour was followed up by a tasting. there wasn’t a single wine i disliked even a little. when the tasting was done, we each ordered a glass and sipped it on the porch. we had a lovely time!


we also went to avondale to see casey do rock & roll. even though their band never practices, they sounded great and even though i was tired, i had a good time!

the other thing we did, besides hanging out and eating food, was spend way too much time shopping for curtains. it was still time together though, so it was good.

 the time while my mom was here seemed to go by fast and slow. so i guess it evens out? who knows. the three days at the beach with my family and the ten days i spent with my mom were so enjoyable! i already want to start planning something for next summer!

oh yeah, linda and i both found really big (broken) conch shells buried on the bottom of the ocean floor. she found her’s first and made me dive down and dig it up. the way it was buried made me think for a split second, that i was about to dig up a human skull. i’ve never been so glad to see a shell in my hands. here’s the one i found and dug up.


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