oregon: day 1

i spent a week on the north west coast with my cousin/sister/bff, chelsea. it was glorious and i feel so special she picked me to join her!

chelsea picked me up at the airport around 1:30 and after we got some essentials at trader joe’s and walgreens, we explored portland a bit. first we went to coava coffee roasters. it was a pretty straightforward place with just five menu items. i loved its simplicity and the coffee was delicious.

after enjoying our drinks, we made the mandatory visit to powell’s books. we didn’t stay long because it was huge and overwhelming and we were hungry, but i can see how people can very easily spend hours and hours in there. we found our dining establishment, isabel, by luck, and as luck would have it, my meal was quite delicious. coconut rice is quite awesome.


after dinner we headed to our campsite, wal-mart. oh yeah, we slept in the back of a truck all weekend (sounds terrible, but it was actually really comfy). we settled in for the night, but before we could fall into deep sleep we heard knocking on our windows. it was the night patrol woman telling us we couldn’t stay overnight. doh! so at 1:00am, we headed to another wal-mart and made it through the night!


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