oregon: day 2

 since i was in portland, it was only natural that i wear my bird sweater. am i right?!

monday morning we went to lovejoy bakers, which was recommended by a friend. we both got coffee and split a breakfast sandwich and a piece of monkey bread. the coffee and monkey bread were great, but the sandwich was grrrrreat!! so great.


next on our agenda was exploring portland via bike. we rented our bikes despite the ominous looking clouds covering the city.

five minutes into our bike ride, while on the middle of a bridge, the aforementioned ominous clouds opened up and showered us with rain AND hail. we were soaked and cold, but continued on our way.

we biked to a street recommended to us by the guy that rented us our bikes. it was lined with eclectic shops and restaurants. we stopped and ate lunch in a little courtyard area where i found some delicious home-brewed kombucha to buy and enjoy.

after lunch, we biked five very hilly miles to the international rose test garden. it was a tough journey, but so worth it. the rose garden was beautiful!!




once we returned our bikes, i insisted that we make one more stop before saying goodbye to portland. even though i knew voodoo doughnut was a “must do” in portland, i opted out and took a chance on blue star donuts instead. i had heard through the grapevine that this less publicized doughnut shop was the real deal. it did not disappoint. at all. chelsea got a lemon cream doughnut and and she loved it. i got a blueberry bourbon basil doughnut and it was a special kind of delicious. i did my best to eat it slow and savor every bite.


we said goodbye to portland and headed to our next stop, ainsworth state park. once there, we picked our campsite, cooked fajitas, built a campfire, relaxed, and hit the hay.


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