oregon: day 3

when we woke up it was cold, drizzly, and foggy, so we delayed getting ready for our hike, but once the drizzle stopped, we packed our backpacks and headed out to hike the multnomah falls area of the columbia river gorge. at first we were kind of bummed at how foggy it was, as any views provided by the mountain were completely whited out, BUT it turned out that didn’t matter because there was so much beauty right in front of our faces.



chelsea decided to lead us on an off trail adventure. we crossed and climbed over some giant logs to get to the base of a beautiful waterfall. i almost fell off a log into freezing water, but since i didn’t, i can say it was worth the risk. 🙂


there wasn’t a single part of our hike that i disliked. except the lunches we packed and my blisters…but the hike itself was wonderful!

once off the mountain, we warmed up with hot drinks and headed back to the campsite to take hot showers. i don’t know how long our showers were, but they weren’t quick since it had been a couple days since we showered and weren’t sure when our next one would be.

after our pasta dinner, we headed to washington and found another (much nicer) walmart parking lot to call home for the night.


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