washington: day 1

by now it’s wednesday, if you’ve lost track of days…

we woke up and headed to seattle, first, to find some coffee, and second, find a kayaking tour. we found a place called caffe fiore that looked decent so we popped in to have breakfast and plan our day. while purchasing my coffee and delish ham & cheese biscuit, i noticed some theo chocolate bars on the counter and remembered that seattle is the home of theo chocolate. luckily, we had a couple hours to kill before the kayaking tour we found and, luckily, the chocolate factory was close by and, luckily, we were able to squeeze in with another group tour. i enjoyed learning about theo’s chocolate and where it’s sourced and the process they use to make their chocolate. i also very much enjoyed sampling a TON of chocolate. they are an honest company that does things right, so do them a favor and buy some chocolate!



now, onto the kayaking tour. this was probably our least favorite part of the trip. it was pretty cool to see the city from the sea level, but we didn’t really go anywhere. also, i was in charge of steering and it was dumb and hard. we were glad for the experience, though.


next, we spent a couple hours in a laundry mat doing laundry, obviously.

i wanted to find somewhere “off the beaten path” to eat for dinner. after extensive research, we settled on, as chelsea deemed it, a “hipster” place called the walrus and the carpenter. it WAS a pretty unique place with a relaxed, yet sophisticated vibe. i dug it. we opted to dine at the bar so we would be seated faster, which meant we got to watch oysters being shucked the whole time we were there. it was neat. the bread, salad, and drinks were excellent. our entree, smoked herring croquettes, preserved lemon, and curry aioli, was…interesting. i wouldn’t say it was disgusting and i wouldn’t say it was delicious. it was just very different from anything i’ve ever eaten and for that, i don’t regret ordering it.


after dinner we headed to canada! i was particularly excited because i was getting to use my passport for the first time. the lines weren’t terribly long at the boarder since it was around midnight when we got there. but y’all, the boarder patrol lady we dealt with was the worst! she asked chelsea a ridiculous amount of questions, which flustered her and made her seem more nervous than she was, which was not at all. chelsea used to live in california and work in mexico, so she’s crossed the boarder countless times and said she’s never had to deal with that many questions. it was almost like the lady was messing with us. whatever she was doing, it was lame.

we got to our campgrounds and went straight to bed.



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