bob loblaw

last night amy, brian, casey, and i drove to tuscaloosa so that i could check out some books from the UA library.  i was super frustrated last night because in class my teacher told me i couldnt use the one book i was most excited about.  i found some other books that look pretty good though.  after the library we ate at mugshots.  it was so delicious.  i got a cajun grilled chicken salad…best salad ever.  everyone else got burgers and fries.  i had a bite of casey’s burger and some left over fries.  yummers!

today i worked from 9-1.  it was good…i trained on the cold bar today.  i learned how to make shaken iced teas, iced coffee, and frappuccinos.  there’s a lot of numbers to remember: this many pumps of syrup/sauce, this many shots of espresso, this many scoops of this…it’s hard to remember because there are a lot of exceptions.  people are saying i am picking up on things really fast…so i’ll just believe them.  today i got sample four new drinks: italian roast coffee made in a french press (it’s an extra bold coffee…i wasn’t really a fan…eating it with dark chocolate however, made it 100% better), a green tea frappuccino,  a vanilla bean frappuccino, and passion iced tea.  all four were excellent.  the green tea is awesome in latte and frappuccino form.  the passion tea is awesome too.

after i got off i stayed at starbucks to look through the books i got last night.  i ended up staying there until 7pm.  jeez louise.  i got to look through all but one of the books i got.  i think i could have probably been more prodcutive but i know i got more done there than i would have at home.  so thats good i guess.

i am going to try to get my intro done tonight so that i can take it to my teacher tomorrow for her to look at.  hopefully she’ll have good things to say.  if not, i will cry in front of her for the 3rd time this semester.  awesome.

it’s goose season!  i saw 4 adult geese and 2 little babies yesterday near target…there’s always geese near target.  today i saw 3 adult geese at the 280/459 intersection.  i love seeing them around town!  i do get nervous about them being so close to the highways.  last year i only saw one dead one though.  i think they are pretty good at staying out of the road.

ok well…that is all for now.


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  1. sarah · April 25, 2009

    lol. i love arrested development. and baby geese.

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